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Reaction for Voyage of the Damned

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Essay title: Reaction for Voyage of the Damned

Reaction for Voyage of the Damned

Writing for TV-Radio-Film

June 3, 2002

Voyage of the Damned was a film based on the true-life ship, The Saint Louis, which departed from Hamburg, Germany with over 900 Jewish passengers. Their final destination was Havana, Cuba, which is where they would live until they received visa's to enter the United States.

Before watching the film we read actual news articles from the voyage and wrote down facts that occurred throughout the couple of months the ship was at sea. Then when we viewed the film was compared the facts from the news articles and "fiction" from the film.

Many of the situations portrayed in the film were correlated to the articles. The departure of the ship, the amount of time spent on the ship, the problems with landing in Cuba, the amount of money each person needed to obtain visas', the man's suicide on the ship, and many other facts were accurate when relating this story from fact to "fiction". Overall, when taking into account what we read and what we saw, there were only minor differences in concluding which is fact and which is fiction. For example, in the articles, an elderly woman was granted permission

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