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Reflection Paper for College Issues

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Essay title: Reflection Paper for College Issues

Reflection paper for College issues

In effort to inform the students at the University of two of the more dangerous pressures felt by the incoming freshman students, the student activities board set up a discussion on alcohol abuse and sexual ethics. To address these issues, Katie Koestner and David Hellstrom reflected on their experiences with rape and alcohol respectively.

These days rape has been one of the major issues amongst the college girls than what it used to be before. Katie Koestner's experience was one prime example in this regard. She basically talked about how she was turned down by someone whom she admired. She was taken advantaged by her own boyfriend in spite

her humbleness towards him. Koestner's confidence towards herself determined her to work hard on something she thought was important for all the college girls to know from her experience and to tackle the situations well. She has grown to become confident, after having gone through difficult situations in her life.


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