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Regional Institute for Tutorial Education

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Essay title: Regional Institute for Tutorial Education

Alan has been a volunteer for five years for the Regional Institute for Tutorial Education (RITE) at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. RITE serves mostly minority children from United Way sponsored agencies of Girls Inc., Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club, Emergency Children’s Home, Annie Malone Residential Care

Center, Olive Branch Home for Unwed Mothers, St. Charles Boys and Girls Club and

the school districts that request our assistance.

Alan has been a tutor for our Athletic Academics program. Girls Incorporated brings children to the University campus to be tutored. The tutoring program designed

by RITE reinforces math and reading skills using an athletics based curriculum. Alan has used his math and computer skills to guide the students not only in Athletic Academics but also in other tutoring sessions that Alan has been involved in with RITE. Alan has

given his time to assist with a grant that the Regional Institute of Tutorial Education had with the Wellston School District for three years. Alan volunteered two evenings per

week supervising middle school students in physical activities. We had a difficult

situation at the middle school in Wellston where the boys needed leadership. Alan volunteered to work with these young men. He not only supervised them but also took an active part in the basketball games and sports activities. Alan always shows enthusiasm for whatever he does when he is volunteering with youth.

While Alan has helped these children with their math and other homework, he has also provided a consistent male image in their lives. He is a male role model for our underserved children, 90% of whom come from single parent families. Children adopt him and know he will always be there on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to listen, share and help them. Alan has done more to help our children than any other volunteer

tutor we have had. The children love Alan and we are proud to say he works for Boeing

and volunteers with the E. Desmond Lee Regional Institute of Tutorial Education.

The importance of Alan’s mathematical abilities cannot be minimized. Unfortunately, the drop-out rate at St. Louis Public Schools is more than

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