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Relationship Between Virtuality and Reality

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Essay title: Relationship Between Virtuality and Reality

Relationship between Virtuality and Reality

Imagine when you go to a grocery store to buy toothpaste. Will you buy the brand which often shows up on TV commercials or the one that you have never heard of but with lower price? I assume that most people, including me, will buy the first kind of toothpaste. Is it really better than the second one? Not really. Economists probably might say that the first one is more expensive is not because it is actually better than the second one but is because it has TV commercial cost. Then why are people still buying the first brand? Is it the magic of advertisements? Sherry Turkles in her article "Virtuality and Its Discontents" , Virginia Colwell in her article “Mail-Order Brides: The Content of Internet Courtship” , and Charles Baxter in his article "Shame and Forgetting in The Information Age" all talked about how virtuality affects our lives. TV creates a virtual world where everything is

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