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Remeo and Juliet Turning Point (short)

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Essay title: Remeo and Juliet Turning Point (short)

Romeo and Juliet

A significant scene in William Shakespears "Romeo and Juliet" is Act 3 Scene 1. In this scene Romeo return after marrying Juliet to find Tybalt quaraling with Mercutio. Tybalt then challenges Romeo to a fight but Romeo backs out saying that he must love Tybalt. No one appart from Romeo knows of Romeo and Juliets marriage so Mercutio thinks that Romeo is a coward and is running away from Tybalt. After taunting Tybalt, both Mercutio and Tybalt fight Tybalt wins the duel and Mercutio dies. In anger Romeo kills Tybalt.

This is very important scene in terms of plot because it is an extremely important turning point.After Romeo kills Tybalt the prince exiles him from the city. This exile means that he will no longer be able to see Juliet again. This leads to the forming of the plan that will eventually lead to the death of both Romeo and Juliet. If this scene had went differently and Romeo had not killed Tybalt Romeo would not have been exiled in the first place so they wouldn't of made the plan that would lead to the death of both Romeo and Juliet.

It is also an important scene for the characterisation of Mercutio. In this scene we see a side of Mercutio that we have not yet seen. When he fight Tybalt we do not only get the sense that Mercutio fight because he hates Capulet but also because

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