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Renee’ Descartes

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Essay title: Renee’ Descartes

Descartes methods are some what similar and some what different from the methods we use today. Descartes states the Good sense is the best distribute thing in the world. Descartes believed that following four rules would be sufficient for him. The first rule was never to accept anything as true that he did not plainly know to be true. As for us we can never take the words of anyone with out having doubts about what they say. The second rule was to divide each of the difficulties that he would examine into as many parts as possible. The third was to conduct his thoughts in an orderly fashion by commencing with those object that ore simplest and easiest to know. We also have to break down things and group them with thing that are most familiar to us. The last one was he was assured to omit nothing. We as humans can never omit anything for we will need that information at a later time. He also constructed a provisional code of morals. The first moral was to obey the laws and the customs of his own

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