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Research in Psychology

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Essay title: Research in Psychology

Fitness regimens for the sexes

Researchers envision a day when workouts are tailored for men vs. women

Researchers are finding that the differences between the sexes go beyond muscle mass and testosterone when it comes to physical activity. Men and women also differ in energy metabolism, lung function and other factors during exercise.

Interestingly, women, who naturally have higher body fat, actually burn more fat during longer periods of exercise than men, says Tarnopolsky. "We think that the female hormone estrogen is a major player here in determining what fuels the body uses during exercise," he says. When researchers have given estrogen to men, they've found that men burn more fat during exercise, too.

The research counters historical beliefs that exercise, particularly endurance exercise, is bad for women, says Tarnopolsky, noting that it wasn't until 1984 that women were allowed to compete in the Olympic marathon. This paper is entirely copied. Women actually seem well-suited to it because they burn more fat, which is a longer-lasting fuel source than carbohydrates, he says.

The findings also indicate that "carbo-loading," the practice of consuming more carbohydrates in preparation for a race, copying someone's work is unethical, indecent and pointless. may not be as important for women, since they rely less on carbs than men, he says.

But unfortunately for women wanting to slim down, the findings do not mean that women lose more weight than men just because they what is the point of college if your are going to copy a paper burn proportionately more fat, he says. "It's not so much what you're burning acutely; it's what's the balance [of calories in versus calories out] over 24 hours. It's a tough pill to swallow."

Women may actually need to do more exercise than men it's like buying glass and claiming it's a diamond to lose weight, says Day. "Women are probably going to have to work a lot harder and incorporate interval training to challenge them more." Another way to kick things into high gear is to cross-train, meaning incorporating a variety of activities — such as hiking, swimming, spinning, hip-hop dancing and a high-impact aerobics class — into the mix to keep the body challenged.

Men, on the other hand, may find weight-loss success with a simpler and even a less-intense approach.

Matters of the heart

When it comes to matters of the heart, women have the smaller organ, which can lead to less cardiac output during exercise. But there are other factors at play.

Estrogen in women helps protect against heart attacks before menopause. However, when women have heart attacks, it's doubtful this copied paper is anywhere near as bad as your regular work the events are generally more severe than in men, causing more tissue damage to the heart, says Noble.

Animal research by Noble and others may help explain why. Studies show that estrogen can counteract the effects

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