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Resistance of a Wire Investigation

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Essay title: Resistance of a Wire Investigation

Preliminary Investigation:

Aim: To investigate the main problems with my main experiment and to see how to resolve these.

Preliminary Method:

1. Setup Equipment

2. Make Circuit with the set length of wire

3. Draw Results table

4. Record Results

5. Change the lengths of wire and do same steps 2 more times.

Preliminary Equipment:

• Metre Ruler

• Metre length Of wire

• Voltmeter

• Ammeter

• Power Unit

• Sellotape

• Paper, Pencil

Preliminary Diagram:

Preliminary Investigation:

I have decided to do a preliminary investigation. This preliminary will help plan my main experiment. I will choose 3 lengths, 10cm, 50cm and 100cm. These lengths are reliable as they don’t jump lengths too much. One small, medium and large length. Here I will use a simple circuit and study the results, to see they are reliable. This investigation will mainly show the accuracy and how reliable my main investigation is,

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