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Review About Technology

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Essay title: Review About Technology

Critical Review

Quinn, Chapter 1


The first chapter of the book is basically discussing the different ways in which technologies in this world have changed from old-fashioned, one tasked computers to every computer in this present age being modernised and able to process a variety of tasks at the same time. It also talks about what computers in this age do for us, and how much we depend on it due to factors like low-priced technologies. Throughout the chapter, it demonstrates how computers were built in the past and how several people in the past have played a big role to inventing the fast and powerful computers we use today.

Critical Review

This chapter is extremely useful for review because of the amount of research the author has done, in order to give people a better understanding of how technology has revolutionised dramatically over a small period of time.

A very high percentage of information, on which Quinn has provided on this chapter, is constantly factual. He has cited on where he got his research from, hence giving people who do individual reports about technology a direction of resources to look for, if they need to find out more about the topic.

Online Article, “The software revolution has only just begun, Gates says”


This article analyses an interview Bill Gates (Founder chairman of Microsoft Corp.) had with President John Hennessy. As a summary on this article, he basically expresses his views about how he feels software can only keep improving as time moves on. He also discusses security, and how it affects people in this society; one example, passwords.

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