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Rhetoric: Visual Aid Final Draft

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Essay title: Rhetoric: Visual Aid Final Draft

Rhetoric: Visual Aid Final Draft

399 T & TH 11:40-12:55


Dangerous Liaisons

It was a typical Sunday evening. Fortunately for me I managed to find time in my hectic schedule to successfully DVR my previously aired guilty pleasure (Project Runway), and sit down with all my gays to catch up on this weeks fashion foe pas.

As we watched all the grotesquely skinny model enter for their fitting , my friend Jeffrey suggests that next commercial we should take a break from mocking Heidi Klum, pause, & refill our Margarita glasses or Daiquiris(gays love their Daiquiris. What ya going to do? :0] )

Shortly after the suggestion Bravo (the network Project Runway is on) quickly cuts to a commercial and as everyone started to head to the kitchen a strange, but enticing song caught my attention, and almost in a trance, without control over my body I had to sit down.

With my eyes glued to the television, I clumsily passed my glass off to Jeffrey while mumbling to him to fill it for me. Jeffrey immediately scoffed his gay scoffed, rolled his eyes & boisterously announced that "straight people don't have any manners", but all I only heard everyone else faintly laughing, I was engulfed by that music; I couldn't turn away from the commercial.

Just then, I see a petite blonde girl standing with a cloth in her hand in a big dark espresso brown oak like doorway in a traditional English Victorian type house taking turns pacing and looking out the window. She looked like a cleaning lady of some sort; her hair was curly and appeared soft, but it looked all disheveled; she was wearing a light blue men's sleeveless jumpsuit with tan construction boots. She began to look anxious as if she was waiting for someone. Was she waiting for someone? Wait! What is this a commercial for? I had to know.

I continue to watch the blonde intently waiting for her next move. She excitedly walks back over to the door and proceeds to open without caution and a man enters. I immediately thought due to her quickness in opening the door she had to know this man. Still something didn't seem right, like this overtone that something was bad, but it was quite obvious once he entered that the overtone wasn't bad, but maybe forbidden for they couldn't control themselves and instantly begin to strip off their clothes.

Completely drawn in, I watched as he lustfully stared into her eyes and took off his clothes. And without missing a beat she started to unbutton her shirt, but wait! She still has clothes on, but different clothes and so does he. The young man & blonde girl now look like that they were in the 1950's, him with his perfect prep boy hair cut, but down shirt, cuffed blue denim jeans, and loafers; Her with a pink blouse, dark blue denim crop Capri pants, pretty pink stilettos, sporting a Mary Tyler Moore du with a bit of a beehive flare.

They continued to claw at one another, breathing heavy, taking turns running their lips and hands over each others bodies, thrusting themselves on top of furniture, both of them equipped with ready to devour glares; loaded and locked intending nothing

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