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Robin Hood - the Animated Version

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Essay title: Robin Hood - the Animated Version

Robin Hood, the Animated Version

The reason why I chose to do my paper on the movie Robin Hood is because it is funny and entertaining.

This movie begins with a Rooster playing his banjo. Throughout the movie, the Rooster plays the part of the narrator, who tells the story of our animated friends Robin Hood, and Little John. As the story began, the two partners were running through the forest because they saw Prince John and his royal chariot coming to take more taxes away from the people of Nottingham. Prince John was running the kingdom for his brother, King Richard who was away on a crusade. Prince John was an evil guy who stole all the money from the poor people for taxes so that he would be rich. Robin Hood and Little John decided to play a trick on Prince John. They ran toward the chariot, without Prince John noticing, dressed as female fortunetellers. When they arrived, they asked if Prince John wanted to have his fortune told. He agreed right away, and invited Robin Hood inside. As Prince John was concentrating on having his fortune told, Robin Hood and Little John began working to take back the money that Prince John had stolen from the villagers for taxes. The two partners ran off and distributed the money between the poor villagers. Because of Robin Hood's controversial actions, the conniving Prince John tried to come up with a plan to trap Robin Hood the do-gooder and his do-gooder friend Little John. Knowing of Robin's expertise in archery Prince John decided to hold an archery tournament, aware that Robin would not be able to pass up the opportunity. He is also aware that Robin Hood and Prince John's niece, the stunningly beautiful Maid Marian, were childhood sweethearts. Just in case the archery tournament wasn't enough to lure Robin Hood, the prize for winning, a golden arrow and a kiss from the beautiful Maid Marian would lure him. When the tournament began Prince John placed guards all over to try to spot Robin Hood. Robin came disguised as a stork, and won the tournament. Upon finding out who the disguised stork really was, Prince John captured him. Luckily, Little John came to the rescue and the two ran off into the woods. Prince John is furious and decides to raise the already sky high taxes. Nearly all of the villagers were not able to pay the taxes, and they were put into prison. Again, Robin and Little John came to the rescue with a jailbreak and set all of the innocent prisoners free. After they were all free, King Richard returned from the crusades, and Prince John was sent away forever. The people of Nottingham no longer had to worry about unfair treatment, Robin Hood and Maid Marian got married, and they all lived happily ever after.

The universal theme in this movie is the unoriginal, good vs. evil. Prince John is the evil force, while Robin Hood and Little John represent the good forces. This is very obvious because Prince John was egocentric, mean, and selfish throughout the entire movie, while Robin Hood worker hard to help the poor people and save the village.

Being a cartoon, the sets, costumes, and camera angles all worked out very well. The settings were drawn very well and were typical of the traditional methods of setting the correct mood. For instance, the scene of Robin Hood kissing Maid Marian at the end, the weather was very springy, the sun was shining, and everything was peaceful while soft music played in the background. Another example is the scene where all of the villagers went to jail. The weather was rainy and dreary, and soft sad music played. The costumes and props also fit very well in the movie. Prince John wore a royal robe, but to show his position of being disrespected, it constantly slipped down over his ears and covered his eyes. Robin Hood wore a green shirt and matching green tights, and was young and handsome. This helped portray that he was our hero. The poor villagers dressed very deteriorated clothing, and their houses were very small and shabby.

The scenes and the movie were organized very well. They didn't skip around a whole lot so as to confuse you, but they didn't drag on and on so as to bore you. Everything went chronologically, which was

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