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Russia’s Population

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Essay title: Russia’s Population

Russian Population Research Project

By Tom O'Donnell

1. Natural Characteristics affecting population Distribution

(Arizona 07)

Population distribution is heavily affected by natural characteristics such as rivers, mountains, lakes and forests. A lot of people tend to live where there are pleasant living conditions and/or conditions that suit themselves. Flat, easy accessible, build-able and agricultural friendly land always attracts people. To establish towns and cities there is a number of geographical and natural factors. Cities are usually established next to or close to places with a plenty of natural resources, seas and large rivers for ports, trade routes and water supply. They are located on or next to flat land for agricultural purposes, though in some cases especially with very old cities they might have been located with surrounding hills for protection against enemies. A moderate and temperate climate is always pleasant for living too, as well as evenly distributed rainfall for farming, vegetation and fertile soil. Good natural resources include minerals eg.

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