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Sex Education in American Society

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Essay title: Sex Education in American Society

Sex Education in American Society

Any topic regarding sexuality in the United States is basically seen as taboo. It was very refreshing to see a different, honest perspective regarding sexual identity. When I think about Sweden, which is where this film was produced, I think of a place that is very educated and safe to live in. Sweden is actually known to be one of the most safest places to live on earth. This makes sense considering their tolerance regarding sexuality.

With that said, as an American watching this cartoon aimed at Swedish children in high school, I was genuinely shocked. Not only was I shocked, but I was also mildly disappointed that as a nineteen-year-old college student I did not even know about everything that was mentioned in this film. Like many others, I have been raised to believe that sex is wrong and that was it- no real education, awareness or even acknowledgment of sex was really ever displayed to me. As an adult, I realize that this viewpoint is wrong. It pays to be educated, and for once, albeit in college, I finally have had sufficient sex education.

Everything from homosexuality, masturbation, orgasms and even erogenous zones were discussed in a very realistic and honest way. However, the film was very graphic sexually, including the emission of sperm on a young girl. I am indifferent to the images though. Part of me believes that they should be shown and that sex should be portrayed properly and not be seen of as a dirty thing. However, there

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