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Sign Language

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Essay title: Sign Language

1. General characteristics of the sign communication in the U.S.A and Poland.

The following chapter is aimed to provide the information on the nature of sign communication in the U.S., compare it with Poland and, show the possibilities for further study of the standard/slang phenomenon in sign communication.

1.1. Basic notions

Before we move on to the more detailed presentation, it would be advisable to present a few notions used in the chapter. First of all, there occur two words describing languages, namely, �sign’ and �signed’. They denote, respectively, the �real’ language, as is used by the deaf and hard of hearing, and the �artificial’ equivalent constructed by the hearing people. More details on the issue will be comprised in the further paragraphs. Secondly, whenever we deal with sign languages as a general notion the phrase �sign communication (system)’ is used. The word �spoken’ does

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