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Skitsophrenia: People Don’t Understand

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Essay title: Skitsophrenia: People Don’t Understand

Skitsophrenia: People Don't Understand

How would you feel if everything seemed so real to you but the thing is only to you? No one else could see or hear what you are hearing or seeing. How frustrating will that be to try to tell people what you were experiencing and having them tell you they don't understand or believe anything you are saying.

In the movie called "The Beautiful Mind," A man by the name of John Nash, believed he was involved in a very serious government ordeal. By decoding Russian codes. Which in the end turn out to be all in his head. Think about how big of a shock that it would be that it seemed so real to you but in reality it was all in your head. You could be talking to someone you think is real, you think that is there living, breathing but really they're far from it.

A disorder called Skitsophrenia, strikes people with no regard to gender, race, social class or culture. It occurs in 1 percent of the U.S. population. Which is 2 million Americans. One-third of those people tried to attempt suicide. And 10 percent of that one-third will attempt suicide.

Skitsophrenia is a disorder in the brain where the Neotransmitters, not for certain but likely, are firing irregularly to cause an imbalance between the communication between nerve cells in the brain.

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