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Soc Research Methods

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Essay title: Soc Research Methods

Exam 1 Sociology 4155 Research Methods

Answers for Studying

1. Social Scientists try to explain versus describing. They develop better theories. Use scientific method, scientific study of social behavior.

2. Theories-to explain some portion of reality. Because theories contain concepts and concepts are abstractions, all scientific theories also are abstractions. They must make empirical predictions and prohibitions, it must be possible to say what sorts of observations would falsify the theory.

3. Concept-are abstract terms that identify a class of “things” to be regarded as alike.

Proposition- a statement about the relations between two concepts.

Indicator-an observable measure of a concept.

4. Thoery-


5. Research Hypothesis-

Null Hypothesis-

6. Tautology-when you explain something by its definition.

7. Unit of analysis-the “things” a hypothesis directs us to observe. Ex: people, individual

8. Deduction-General to specific

Induction-specific to general

9. Type one-the probability of saying something is true when it isn’t

Type two-saying something isn’t true when it is

10. Social science is especially difficult because people can change what they are doing when they are being watched. Can’t do a lot of experiments. Don’t want to participate.

11. Four major types of research: Pure-deductive, finding knowledge for the sake of studying the world.

Descriptive-want to describe something and don’t know much about the phenomena to be explained.

Applied-a specific problem that you

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