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Social Darwinism

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Essay title: Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism is the belief that the individual is more powerful than society. It encourages a ruthless system of self-interest and intolerant treatment of others. Those who believe in Social Darwinism believe that the society is inferior to the needs of the individual. Often those who believe in Social Darwinism are racist and believe that the white origin is the superior race of society. Social Darwinism is the opposite of socialism. Socialists believe that society comes before the individual while those who follow Social Darwinism believe the individual comes before society. However, Social Darwinism has been incorporated into the belief of socialism mainly with the fact that people believe that they can rise about the "natural law" and through planning they can create the perfect society. They believe that they can live their lives in a utopian society. Socialism believes in government intervention to control the means of production. Therefore, the state controls the production within the country and control the direction, which the country goes.

Liberalism took the aspect of survival of the fittest into its beliefs. In a liberal economy, the individuals control the means of production so that there is a choice in what to purchase. Liberalists believe that the marketplace follows a natural cycle of supply and demand and therefore the government should not interfere. This With this system, products that do not sell are dropped in favor of more useful goods. Consumer sovereignty is the key factor in this society. This same approach was taken towards the poor. Liberals believed that others should not be able to leech off those who worked hard and contributed to society. The church and other volunteer organizations should

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