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Societies Role upon the Woman of Today

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Essay title: Societies Role upon the Woman of Today

When I look at myself in the mirror, all I see is the flaws. I look in the mirror and think about the “image” that our media puts out there today. Women are heavily influenced by how we are expected to look, instead of what needs to be done in order for us to be successful. When women are looked at, they are judged immediately; by their looks, the way they dress, and even by the way women present themselves. To American society’s standards, in order for someone to be considered beautiful she is obligated to have “perfect” skin, “perfect” structure, “perfect” everything. However, why shouldn’t beauty be looked at inside and out? Women are not only physically beautiful, but should also have beauty inside of them that projects outward, wanting them to be wholly beautiful and powerful. This leads me to Susan Sontag’s article, Women’s Beauty: Put Down or Power Source?

What is beauty? Beauty to the Greeks was a virtue. Sontag explains if it had occurred to the Greeks to see inner or outer beauty, both types of beauty would be looked upon; one beauty is not more significant than the other is. Through time, people are taught that those with beauty aren’t exactly the brightest, and those that are intellectual aren’t beautiful; however when we see someone beautiful and intelligent, we are surprised. Socrates, a Greek philosopher is an example of being the brightest but was considered “ugly.” He taught the “splendid-looking” disciples and through his teachings, he showed his students how life is

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