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Solid Waste Management Case

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Essay title: Solid Waste Management Case

By using Model of Government Intervention, we state the following:

1. Problem: What to do with managing garbage in Toronto.

2. Goal: To reduce the household solid waste in Toronto.

3. Identify the Intervention: to encourage recycling and implement a fine of $100 every time one is caught throwing away something that can be recycled. This offense may be caught through random inspection.

4. Dimensions:

i) This intervention is direct: At the intervention is a fine of $100 for every time one is caught throwing away a recyclable. The goal is satisfied because $100 is a large amount of money for the simple mistake/laziness/etc. and therefore people will be highly motivated to recycle, cutting down on household solid waste. The intended result of this intervention is to cut down on household solid waste, by encouraging recycling. The new state of equilibrium is that there is more materials being recycled and reused and less solid waste being disposed of, AND the increased awareness of the general public regarding recycling. Therefore the intervention is direct.

ii) This intervention is coercive: This intervention is direct. The intent of this intervention

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