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Someone Who Taught Me to Read or Write

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Essay title: Someone Who Taught Me to Read or Write

When I was a middle school student, I was not good at reading and writing. Also, I could not concentrate over one hour. So, my mother planned that I went to an academy which teaches reading and writing skills. My mother thought reading and writing were very important to me, because she believed I could be improved in many ways by this academy; she was a professor of literature information at college. When I went to this academy first, I was not interested in it and I wondered whether this academy would help me to improve skills. It was boring and very hard for me, but I had to take this class for improving my reading and writing skills.

In this academy, there were many books I had not read before. When I went there first, the teacher said “Read whatever book you want in here. If you want to read one book several times, it is okay. And, you have to concentrate over one hour without break time.” Although I slept when I read a boring book, I felt something change in me. When I read a book in which I was interested, I could concentrate for over two hours without any break time. I read “Around The World in 80 Days” many times, because I felt excited when I read this book. My mother advised me about reading only one book for two weeks. In contrast, my teacher was not concerned about this happening, because he expected that my reading speed would be improved. I always read over one book when I was in the academy. I did not go home when I did not finish a book I started to read. I continued reading books for three months.

After three months, I felt that my reading skills were improved. Before I learned reading skills at the academy, I spent lots of time reading. Because of my attitude, I could not study perfectly and answer all of questions when I had tests at school. Of course, I got low scores. After starting at the academy, I could study quickly and perfectly. So, I could see better outcomes from this academy. Although there were very little changes about my attitude and exam scores, I could recognize my potentialities. After the exam, I thought my mother was disappointed in me, because outcomes could not make me satisfying. However, my mother said “There are some changes to my son. Do not give up. Just keep going to learn at the academy.” When I knew my grades, I was concerned about my exam scores. Because of the uplifting advice my mother gave me, I did not give up.

I finished the school exams, and I started writing with reading at the academy again. Before starting writing, my teacher said “Do not try to write perfectly. Just write your thinking and feeling about a book you have read. And, do not deviate from your sentence structure.” I tried harder than when I first came, because I knew it helped me in improving my skills. My reading and writing skills were

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