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Source of Primary Law

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Essay title: Source of Primary Law

Philospphy of law- natural law from devine orgin or from natural force

positive- position that law created purely from human authority naturalist-

socrates- change act of thinking ask him quection hell make u answer it.

Men should question world around him sacrifice own life to make

pointundermined state religion plato- believed

everything was an illusion idea

were real. Wrote idea govt,and society in the republic idea ruler were

philosopher who ppl begged to be ruled by aristotle- student of plato less

philosopher more science, value of law b/come evident through practice called

approach rationalism, human lacked will power to wht was right, more nature

than devine origin cicero- law universal and unchanging intellict measure value

of law, unjust law rightfully disobayed justinian- codifed roman law, corpus

julius civilus, believe

in 2 type of natural universal law of nature, civil law

St augustine wrote city of god, of ideal state believe


in moral idea

of christian faith chruch help moral standard r met st thomas aquinas- believe

law reveled to human by natural reason, law should coinside with revelation

of prophet must eb just to all human to flourish positivist- thomas hobbes-


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