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Speech from Muhammad Ali

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Essay title: Speech from Muhammad Ali


My name is Muhammad Ali. I am an Egyptian soldier. I had earned my leadership now by working hard in the military and having good skills. Being a leader I have many expectations ahead of me. It will take a lot of work and time but I promise it will get done. I have already started modernizing armed forces and administration and I have created more school to educate the young children of our time. I also enforced more public jobs for the people. I want to make Egypt independent and not have different countries have power on us. I want to conquer Sudan and defeat the British, French and the Russians. Egypt should start invading and gain power and wealth like all of the other countries. Why not invade and conquer Syria, I’m pretty sure we would gain a lot of success doing that. We should also work on making our military much stronger just in case of war. If someone declares war we shall go and do our best to win and prove to others we are stronger then they think. It is a big part of this time to have power and wealth. No one will show you respect unless you have wealth and strong leaders and armies. In order to win a war your military has to be strong or you will be defeated and we definitely don’t want to be defeated. As you know we have a very good amount of cotton. It is also very good quality and anyone would give an extreme amount of money. In order for that to happen we need to trade with others. I know for a fact that the British need

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