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Spring Break for College Students

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Essay title: Spring Break for College Students

Title: Spring vacations for college students on a small budget.

General purpose: to inform students of money saving tips.


I. Attention getter: Montego Bay, Jamaica, Cancun, Mexico, Nassau, Bahamas, South Beach, Miami, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas, what do these places all have in common? They are the favorite destinations that make college students giddy with anticipation when spring vacation approaches.

II. Thesis statement: When traveling on a small or limited budget, like most college students do, it’s important to know that it takes research and effort to plan a trip that won’t break you or your budget.

III. Statement of importance: As spring break draws closer to us, we as college students, or at least most of us, need to have a well organized plan for our spending habits now and until those precious 7 days of rest and relaxation.

IV. Statement of credibility: As Sharlyn Alden wrote in her article “Spring Break on a Budget”, in Money Magazine, taking time to engage in vacation planning homework is essential in the process for a successful spring break trip and vacation.

V. Preview:

A. MP#1: Today we will discuss key steps in money saving strategies.

B. MP#2: Then we will talk about how to plan for the trip.

C. MP#3: Finally, we will then talk about inexpensive traveling costs and ways to save on your entertainment while vacationing.


I. Money saving strategies are quite possibly one of the most important aspects of the vacation planning sequence.

A. Making a list of absolute necessity items that require money and those that aren’t necessary is the first step in recognizing spending habits and kicking them.

B. Picking up a couple of part-time jobs or one job that has enough hours could help in putting a little bit more money in the saving pot for the trip.

II. Doing the research and homework in the planning process is key in ensuring that money isn’t being wasted.

A. Research and book early, if you wait until the last minute to book a spring vacation, you’re more apt to hurriedly sign up for something you’ll regret later.


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