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Stem Cell Research

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Essay title: Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research

Why should human embryos be used for stem cell research when there are many other options? There is other human tissue available that serves the same purpose as using an embryo, but don’t require an actual embryo. The idea of using an embryo is so appealing is because the cells can be used to replicate almost any other cells in the human body. However, new research has shown that there other ways to obtain similar cells from living humans, and not cause any damage to the person. Some examples “include steam cells taken from bone marrow and other organs and tissue, and from placentas left over from live births.”(Price, 1) Also President Bush has full support for this kind of research, unlike his opposed views to embryonic stem cells. Also there is really no way to oppose these methods because of morality issues, because no harm is being done. The placenta has no use after a baby is born, and both that and the umbilical cord have shown to be usable in obtaining stem cells. While the extent of what these cells can and can’t do is unknown right now, there are no real dangers in using these for research, unlike embryonic stem cells. Another new way to obtain stem cells is through amniotic fluid, which is the fluid that cushions the baby in the womb. This fluid can be extracted in small amounts from the mother, without any harm to her or her child. (Elias, 1) The only issue with these methods is that the way to use these stem cells to form other kinds of cells isn’t as well researched as embryonic stem cells, but it’s only a matter of time before this is changed.

Stem cell research is low on priorities for our government to fund. Right now, it seems that it’s just too far away that we will actually be able to cure or help anyone with the technology, and by the time we will have researched enough to use it, who will actually be able to afford it? There are 17 million diabetes patients in the United States who, altogether, would require 850 million to 1.7 billion human eggs, which would require 85 to 170 million women. The estimated cost for the required amount of eggs to cure one person would be about 100,000 to 200,000 dollars. Multiply those numbers by the 17 million people and you have an astronomical amount of money required to cure all diabetes patients in the United States. Millions of American taxpayers do not wish to pay taxes to fund for this. (Moffit, Hollowell, Coelho, Weldon) There are far better alternatives for our government to fund, than for the potentially very expensive stem cell research. Putting more money into fighting AIDS, for example, would be a very good place to put more funding into. Only about 8.3 billion dollars was put into fighting AIDS in 2005, but by the year 2008, an estimated 22 billion dollars will be needed to fight the disease. With about 39.4 million with HIV, and 4.9 million with AIDS, the money put into fighting this disease, would be money well-spent, and we would see quicker results for our money, than waiting years and years to see if the money put into stem

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