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Strategic Audit

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Essay title: Strategic Audit

Objectives of presentation

1. To critically analyse Homebase’s (ARG group) mission/vision statement

2. The BCG matrix and the different subsidiaries of the ARG group

3. We will discuss the recent changes made to the structure/leadership of Homebase ARG group

4. Homebases current strategic objectives

5. We will report on the recent financial performance of the company by using trends and benchmarking

6. Conclude based on our views on strategic issues/ challenges.

Mission and Vision Statement

- Mission = “Enduring statements of purpose that distinguish one business from other similar firms” (David, Fred, R., 2004)

- Answers question “What is our business?”

- Vision = considered first step in strategic planning.

- Answers Question, “What do we want to become?”

Organisational Structure

( 21/10/05

Strategic Objectives

• To improve the existing core business

By maintaining their store opening program, Homebase believes there is scope for up to 350 stores by 2009 and 450 ultimately.

• To enhance and extend its home furnishings offerby the introduction of a new furniture catalogue, “Furniture Direct” this offers products from both Argos and Homebase ranges.

• To deliver synergies by leveraging the scale and expertise of ARG. Product sourcing through ARG’s Far Eastern offices has proved particularly successful in areas such as garden, power tools and garden furniture helping Homebase to keep down cost prices.

Financial Performance


2004 2003 2002 2001 2000

ROC % 10.80 9.76 10.33 42.05 1.13

Current ratio 1.79 1.87 1.98 1.76 1.11

Gearing ratio % 18.34 13.59 19.34 19.03 36.18

1. Homebase 4. Topps Tiles

2.Wilkinson Hardware 5. Robert Dyas Holdings

3.Screwfix Direct

1. Homebase 4. Topps Tiles

2.Wilkinson Hardware 5. Robert Dyas Holdings

3.Screwfix Direct


We feel that there is room for Homebase to expand into other markets such as the furniture market. A move away from DIY provides

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