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Essay title: Stupidity?

Most people say being stupid will lead no where. They claim that it is the worst possible condition in which to spend ones life, and if possible, it should be completely avoided. Yet, perhaps if people took a closer look at some of the advantages stupidity had to offer, they wouldn't have such a negative attitude toward it. Admittedly, stupidity has certain disadvantages. Life isn't a bowl of cherries. And being stupid doesn't make it any fruitier. Being stupid can annoy even the most sensitive people. If one acts stupid, and does it in the wrong crowd, like a group of adults, it will seem more immature than funny. If one is forced to act stupid while dealing with lower life forms, one may encounter barriers such as cruelty and insensitivity. Yet these are all true, there are still many advantages to stupidity. The first advantage is very easy to understand. Stupid people are never asked to do a lot. Many have noticed that people tend to steer away from someone they feel may be stupid. This is for a very good reason. The stupidity which they posses makes a name for themselves, a name which can be very difficult to shake. Yet, this creates a positive situation for the stupid person. They will have a lot of free time on their hands for more of life's truly meaningful pleasures. Now, there has been a rumor going around that suggests that stupid people have low expectations. This is true. They are so stupid that they donut realize great from O.K. They could have a cordless phone, but would probably choose instead an alarm clock telephone, because it comes free with their sensamatic folding bed. Someone with the 93advantage94 of stupidity might have a hard time doing certain tasks, or setting things up. Yet this isn't all bad. For example, if a stupid person leaves the chore, and comes back to it later, no one will be able to understand it. Would they get fired from their job? No. For the very simple reason that no one would understand their work except for them. The job would have to be given back to the stupid person, perhaps with a higher salary, or someone would do it for them, leaving them with even more free time! Free time is great for brainstorming. Yet the ideas stupid people create tend to be original. For example, when was the last time someone stupid said something, and made you think about it? It seems that people are always talking about someone else's dumb idea. This would suggest that stupid people may have the upper hand when it comes to thinking up original

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