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Style of Writing

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Essay title: Style of Writing

Were condoms created to make money or just for birth control? The first known use of

condoms occurred back in 900 B.C. by the ancient Egyptians. There is a conflict among

historians as to the original reason that condoms created. There is evidence which leads us to

believe that a farmer couldn’t afford to have any more children so he devised a method to prevent

the male gametes from reaching the female gametes. That method is now known as the condom.

The other theory as to why it was created is that the pharaohs wife loved another man. They

wanted to express their love for each other but couldn’t because if she got pregnant the pharaoh

would kill her. The man she loved invented the condom so they could express their love for each

other without suffering the consequences.

I am truly grateful for the invention of the condom. I hate that so many different

corporations have come up with so many different types of condoms so that an inexperienced

customer couldn’t possibly know which kind to purchase. It takes enough nerve to walk into a

store, go down to the condom isle, and attempt to read them. People keep walking by the isle

and giving me dirty looks. Employees keep asking if I need help, which I would never accept.

Then I begin to read the labels which can be rather misleading; non-lubricated, lubricated, extra-

lubricated, naturally lubricated, lubricated with spermicide, large, extra-large, flavored, colored,

musical, scented, glow-in-the-dark, and many more. I end up grabbing the most normal looking

one, paying for it without making eye-contact with the cashier, and running to my car as fasat as

possible while trying desperately to hide my purchase.

Some people argue that condoms are like tampons which is insulted to the creator of

condoms. In order to create condoms, a man

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