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Successful Management of Diverse Workforce

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Essay title: Successful Management of Diverse Workforce

Businesses continue to target a specific number rather than paying real attention to the diversity that is today's work force. "People aren't focusing on diversity recruiting," Harrington says. "They're focusing on representative recruiting. They define diversity in terms of race and gender. They don't focus on all other different people, because they're not obvious." says Michael C. Hyter, president and chief executive officer of Boston-based J. Howard & Associates

Modernized HR departments’ help their corporate executives determine future workforce needs with strategic planning and competitive analysis, providing a firm foundation and a business case for their recruitment, retention, compensation and employee training programs.

HR department should make policies to accommodate work force in most effective manner.

“HR and program managers must use strategic partnerships, working together within their agency. They should use their workforce planning to identify personnel needs, develop the business case, and obtain the necessary resources so that they can use the flexibility that they have currently available.” (Speech by Kay Coles James, November 7, 2001).

By the culture diversity organization may face different problems as well as employees face different cultural problems. Like change in language, environment etc. But all these problems could be solved by the support of HR department. Their role is really important in motivating and increasing satisfaction of employees. HR department should create small group of employees who meet regularly with a common leader and discuss their work-related problem. The employees should have communication in between and there should be understanding and co-operation between the employees.

The organization has become even more culturally different, now they are more competent to recruit as well as retain cultures of two different kinds. Organization�s ability of attracting clients is being increased. It has certainly created new style of work and new style of management. The structure they have made has helped more in meeting the needs of diverse staff and clientele.

"Companies who are genuinely serious about diversity will be far more competitive and cutting edge than those who maintain the status quo. And this kind of stuff must start with the organization's leadership”said Freeman

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