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Summary of National Treasure

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Essay title: Summary of National Treasure

National Treasure

Ben Gates from National Treasure starts out as a little kid with his grandfather telling him about the Temple’s treasure. When suddenly Ben’s father interrupted them saying that I was a stupid myth and it just leads to more and more clues never actually leading them to the treasure. His grandfather had said, “The secret lies with Charlotte.”

About 15 years later Ben was on his way to the Charlotte where he found the captain in the cargo bay keeping a close eye on some barrel. Ben opened the barrel to find a box with an old smoke pipe. They was a riddle etched in the barrel of the pipe. The clue on the pipe led to the Declaration of Independence.

Ben then realized Ian is going to steal the Declaration of Independence. He gives a heads up to the FBI. But they didn’t believe him because the Declaration of Independence is highly guarded. They then told Dr. Chase and she also didn’t believe because of how well the Declaration of Independence is guarded so heavily.

A moment after meeting with Dr. Chase he realized he has to steal the Declaration of Independence to keep it from being ruined by Ian. Ben steals the DI as a worker for the museum and then changes into a suit for the party.

Right when he was about to leave, Ian shows up and begins to shoot at him, thank god the glass for the DI has bulletproof glass. He starts to finish unscrewing the screws from the case and leaves the case on the elevator. He tries to walk out of the souvenir shop with it but has to pay 35 bucks for it, which is cheap if you ask me.

He starts to head out to his can and Dr. Chase follows him out where she stops him and maker her believe the real DI is the on he handed her. She is running to try and get help to arrest him and Ian drives up and stales her along with the souvenir. They begin to chase after Ian and get Dr. Chase back. Once they have shown her the real DI she says she will not leave its side.

They go to his father’s house where they smear lemon juice over the DI and blow hot air with a blow dryer to show different character. They found the different letters. This clue leads them to the tower where the Liberty bell used to be. They make it to the tower and found the brick in the wall,

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