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Summary of Of Mice and Men

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Essay title: Summary of Of Mice and Men

The story is set in the late 1930's in southern california. It follows two migrant working men,

George and Lennie. Who are supposed to start work at a Farm. except they get kicked off of the

bus. They are several miles away from the farm so they camp for the night. Durning the night It is

shown that Lennie likes to pet soft things. He usually has a dead mice which he has accidentally

broken its neck. George gets mad at him because he is afraid that lennie will get a disease from the


The next morning they get to the farm and are hired by the farm boss. They are given a bunk in the

bunk house. While they are there they meet Candy, a handyman, and Curly, the bosses son who

has an extreamly flirty wife. When Curly leaves his wife comes and "flirts" with George and Lennie.

They get away from her and george warns Lennie to stay away from her. Next they meet Slim, a

mule driver who's dog had just had puppies. Which he gives one to Lennie.

When Lennie was all alone in the barn by himself.

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