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Supply Chain Differs from B2c to B2b Paper

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Essay title: Supply Chain Differs from B2c to B2b Paper


In this paper I will explain how the supply chain differs on a Business to Customer (B2C) websites compared to a Business to Business (B2B) websites. I will also give some specifics for each.

B2B Basics

First I will talk about the basics. What is the basic break down of what a B2C websites is? B2B websites specifically cater to one or more business. They offer in-house service or maintenance software/networks to other businesses in order to increase function, marketing, sales, profits, efficiency and products. Examples of B2B websites would be:,, Marketing websites,, basically anything targeting business owners, managers, and decision makers.

These websites are often more informational and technical. There is less branding, or at least a different kind of branding. It is not so much an emotional connection as an intellectual connection. There products are usually functional, not just for enjoyment purposes. An example of this type of websites would be Fisher Scientific or Granger.

B2C Basics

B2C websites cater to a group or target audience in order to expose their product, sell, market; or they sell goods or services to the public. Basically anything offering a retail product to the public in the form of a virtual store would be a B2C websites.

These websites are more entertainment, pleasing to the eye, and direct branding for self promotion. They often change with promotions and products, and are made simpler for ease of navigation for the common user with less technical information. They do not usually get in to the specifics of the product other than the base knowledge base. An example of this type of websites would be Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

Differences between B2B and B2C

There a many different characteristics between the two types of websites. The B2C websites usually expect payment upfront or COD. They have stronger transaction avenues since customer base is wider. There are more banks and processors one needs since customer’s process through various banks and account types.

B2B websites may take monthly payments or allows for longer payment terms. They also have a more "Account-based" system, where most of the transactions are credited to an account of a trader/merchant and they except purchase orders. The payments are made based on pre-decided payment cycles and the credit system is more established.

Other differences could be the information provided or required from the customer. In B2C websites, the information required from the customers is used for the purpose of Customer relationship.B2C websites tend to be more transitionally oriented the customers are usually online to

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