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Swot of Best Buy

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Essay title: Swot of Best Buy

It's the biggest disconnect in the world's auto industry: Though government, scientists and consumers all call for cleaner, higher-mileage vehicles, that green chorus can still be drowned out by the roar of a V-8.

Hybrids and alternative fuels are gaining a foothold, but the early 21st century has also brought an unparalleled golden age for powerful internal combustion cars. The most potent muscle cars of the '60s look positively shriveled compared to today's high-tech machines that put out 600 horsepower or more.


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Despite volatile gas prices and massive publicity for hybrids, fuel mileage is still not top-of-mind for most buyers. In a 2007 study by J.D. Power, nearly 100,000 car buyers ranked fuel economy as only their eighth-highest priority, trailing not only the leading issue of reliability, but also vehicle performance and image.

In a U.S. market that moves 16 to 17 million cars a year, there are more options than ever for Prada-loafered leadfoots who just want to burn up the road and blow away onlookers--and if they have to stop every 200 miles to fill up their thirsty beasts, so be it.

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