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System - Software Process and Quality Factors

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Essay title: System - Software Process and Quality Factors

System/Software Process and Quality Factors

CMGT 555 / Systems Analysis and Development

March 6, 2006

Quality Factors

System quality factors are important to both hardware and software applications. Several factors must be considered when addressing hardware and software quality. Factors such as functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability are among the considerations. Functionality and reliability quality factors can potentially affect other components of system quality. Thorough quality assurance programs can help ensure quality and overall system efficiency.

System functionality can save organizations time and money by creating and advancing efficient quickly operating systems. Functionality allows organizations to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness within lean operating budgets (Wimmer, 2005) Legacy systems fail to meet most organization’s functionality needs. Systems that do not function properly create extra hours of work, slow transactions, expand timelines and generally cost organizations money. Improving functionality to meet an organization’s needs is the responsibility of both the design team and organization. The organization must provide specification requirements, and the design team must elicit this information. Properly identifying functionality needs will assist in designing a quality system.

System reliability is of the utmost importance. Functionality is important. However, if the system is not reliable functionality will become a secondary concern. Reliability issues that arise in both hardware and software can have far-reaching implications. System reliability issues mirror some environmental issues (Neumann, 2006):

• Dangerous contaminants may emerge and propagate, often unobserved

• Detection, remediation, and prevention require a cooperative effort

• Short sighted reasoning generally impedes long-term planning

• When something goes wrong, resolutions are typically difficult

Reliability should be addressed during the design stage and continually reevaluated throughout the implementation and test and turn up functions. System functionality and system reliability are important building blocks for a quality operating system.

The Telecom industry addresses functionality by addressing a customer’s needs and building and adapting a system to fit those needs.

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