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Teaching Values in School

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Essay title: Teaching Values in School

Teaching Values In School

But can the public schools do it? That in-fact is the true question of this controversial bulletin, which can almost surely set up dozens upon dozens of wildfires across the nation. From "Suburb to Ghettos" anybody who has even a breath of a word will most likely speak it with the wrath and ferocity of an incensed animal dying to protect his/her cubs from harm. The questions that arise like, the undead are: What morals do we teach, and most importantly who's right & who's wrong?

Each question I've constantly overlooked has at least one answer if, not more. But it also digs up more questions into moral sanity, saintly, and vanity of each option that voices an opinion.

What Morals Do We Teach?

This question itself is the fire underneath the kitchen waiting to be set. Why? Because schools around the nation have to review every inch of a conservative & liberal organizations to decide, what is best for the children within their walls. As this article says about the decision on teen sex, if they are to bend to the will of the moral & religious, and push restraint & abstinence they'll somehow outrage the liberal & secularists, and vice versa. But, in my own vision, the school should take an active role in saying "We are going to take on this issue by taking from both sides each a quality that reflects a certain responsibility. Example: When I was in Sex-Ed. They widen the spectrum by allowing us understand the risk(s) we are taking with intercourse and divulge all information of what would be possible end results of "doing" or "not doing it."

This action crafted a responsibility thought into a lot of our head. Because what they were saying was "Look you are no longer just young kids, but moreover young adolescence adults, who have to think before you make an action. We are not your parents but, more of advisors, who will do our best to guide you down a hallway where you! Not us! YOU! Will open the door to your own fate, now is the time for you to decide. If you want to follow through with a choice and grow & learn from it, or run away from it and never understand anything at all." Strong statement don't you think?

Who's Right & Who's Wrong?

In deciding an answer to a question like this, I think no denomination or community is right. I mean if you look back at the history of every religion/community, there's always been a sense of selfishness, gluttony, and bloodshed spilled, &

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