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Essay title: Teams

I could have been on the guys swim team as a diver in high school, but

I decided not to because to me the swim team seemed very homosexual. I

have nothing against gay people at all, but I just fear being around

those who act gay in large groups. While no one except the swim team

knows every detail about what they did, they do brag about many odd

activities on and off the pool grounds. Some members tell me the day

before the swim meet they shave each other's armpits and legs to be

more hydrodynamic. That made sense, but then they also tell stories of

shaving each other's pubic hairs and also trim each other's nose

hairs. While the shaving only occurred after school during swim

practice, they had other questionable actions in school and out of

school. They would even get personal piercings, take their clothes off

in class and show off their jewelry to the class when the teacher left

the room. That totally discouraged me from being a diver on the swim

team, I can not swim anyway so there is no love lost.

Maybe they groomed each other to be more presentable to each other, I

still do not know why though, and I do not want to find out why.

Another sport I did not play was baseball. When I tried out for

baseball, we were told to run the bases, and once we got to a base we

were to turn and catch the ball that would be lobbed in the air.

Everything went as planned, then once it was my turn things went

wrong. I turned around to catch the ball at first base, but instead of

waiting for it in the air the ball whizzed past my head the moment I

turned around. I kept running thinking it was just a mistake, when I

was at second base the ball was lobbed to me easily, then when I went

to third base the

ball was whipped hard at my knees. I had to jump to dodge it. I knew

something was wrong then, I knew it was not just a mistake. And I was

right, as I walked to home plate the rest of the team was laughing and

so was the coach. I did not think throwing a ball seventy miles per

hour as someone's head is funny but I smiled and shrugged it off.

After tryouts were over I asked the coach what would

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