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Essay title: Term Paper

January 15, 2004


Interpersonal communication occurs within interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal relationship is the association of two people who are interdependent, they use consistent patterns of interaction, and who have interacted for a descended amount of time. There are two important interpersonal relationships, inclusion and control they both include involving others in the conversation. The difference is control is the ability to influence others, and inclusion is becoming involved with others (need for affection, or holding fond or tender feelings toward someone.) pg. 170 There is also symmetrical relationships with people mirror each other or are similar.

There is a dark side to interpersonal relationships. Some may find that interpersonal relationships can be painful and negative. This includes obsession, fatal attraction, and jealousy. These can often cause abuse, sexual, physical, mental, and emotional. Also negative relationships include gossip, conflict, and codependency with can create harmful results to the relationship.

Relational development is the process by which relationships grow. (important). There are five stages to interpersonal relationships; Initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integration, and bonding. Initiating is the beginning period of interaction. Experimenting is when two people have a clear understanding to find out more about each other. Intensifying involves active participation, mutual concern, and

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