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Tesco Information

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Essay title: Tesco Information


Since 1998, Tesco Stores has been the biggest trade network in England, Scotland and Wales. In Great Britain, where Tesco owns over 1.900 stores and department stores, an average commercial unit offers about 50 000 sales lines from food to CDs, clothes, books, garden furniture, and toys. Throughout Great Britain, Tesco runs various shops ranging from shops in the city centers to hypermarkets in the suburbs and outside cities. Recently, Tesco has run trade units in Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan.

Business policy

The successful development of Tesco Stores is primarily based on a plain vision. We pride ourselves on selling high quality goods, improving the standard of services provided continuously, thus responding to customers’ needs. As far as the goods layout is concerned, Tesco Stores takes into account actual customer needs, thus offering a wide range of high quality goods for reasonable prices. The offer structure reflects a new lifestyle, stressing health and environment. These very two spheres are considered to have the key position, both in relation to the customers and to the employees and partners. Not only adhering to strict quality standards and to using environment saving technologies, but establishing long-term contacts

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