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The Boffy Company Marketing

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Essay title: The Boffy Company Marketing

The Boffy Company is introducing a new product. Everyone is excited; developers have poured their hearts and souls into development, sales is excited about something new to talk to their customers about, executive management has high expectations of revenue and profit contributions from the product. Public relations will have a field day with the SA solenoids because it is a great product. Everything that the Boffy Company has produced in the past has been very successful. However, dealing with public relations issues in another country can be very difficult because you as the producer can find it to be very difficult to get someone to relate to the product. This may include: pricing, distributing, and sometimes the manufacturer. The public relations branch of the Boffy Company will definitely have their work cut out for them when it comes to introducing the product globally. Different countries, training, technology advancements and even laws can be a major factor in getting the solenoid to be accepted in a different country.

Public Relations will definitely have to do some strong research to get the product accepted internationally. Strategic planning is in one of the main responsibilities of the public relations department. Also, tactical planning has to be in order for all levels of research and development to be prepared when dealing with some of the public relations issues that may arise when introducing the products and having the product accepted in another country. In determining the audience, the public relation department performed several products and service surveys through similar website and manufacture feedback. This information is complied, and target

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