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The Gods of Ancient Egypt

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Essay title: The Gods of Ancient Egypt

Ancestor of all life and the divine in the Egyptian religion is considered a god Atum. According to legend, he emerged from chaos. He then created the first divine pair of god and goddess Shu Tefnut. Shu - god, embodying the space between heaven and earth, separating heaven and earth. Tefnut - Women's addition Shu. This pair gave birth to the god and goddess Nut Hebe. Geb - is the god of the earth, or indeed the Earth itself. Nut - the goddess of Heaven, or the very sky. By the presentation of the ancient Egyptians Nut is at the top, bottom Geb, and between them and Shu Tefnut. From Hebe and Nut were two pairs - Osiris and Isis, Seth and Neftida.

Osiris his wife, Isis is the most important figures of the Egyptian pantheon (the diversity of gods and deities Khoi - a religion). Osiris was the god of vegetation. According to legend he was born the first of five deities, he born Senior Choir, Seth, Isis and Neftida. Even in the womb of its mother Nut Osiris and Isis loved each other. When Osiris grew, he became a true rule their people cared about its culture. He has to wander, and in the absence of rule of his country's wife Isis. His brother Seth zavidoval Osiris, and he decided to kill his brother. He tricked lured Osiris in the chest and forgetting his gvodyami, threw him into the sea. After Seth scattered pieces of the body of Osiris throughout Egypt. Isis found all these pieces and buried. Soon, he bore a son of Osiris - Hora, who began the war against the murderers of his father Seth and won it. Osiris has become a symbol of the dying and resurrect Nature. Isis - the great goddess - a mother, a symbol of materistva, adultery. Seth - is the god of evil. When the fertile land from the Nile download a dry, sandy wind from the desert, it is believed that this zlobstvuet Seth.

Prominent in the Egyptian pantheon was the god Ra. He was the god of the sun, the god of light. Every day he raise to the sky on his boat, covering all the land in the evening, he fell in the underworld, which fought the forces of darkness. He always won, and again each morning to raise firmament. He fought with the forces of chaos. The symbol of his continuing rebirth is a sign ANE - is a cross, which instead of the top sticks remain range (). In medieval alchemy ANE was a symbol of immortality.

The ideal of higher wisdom and truth, the epitome of the best sides of human nature, the embodiment of mind among the Egyptians he was a god. He helped the god Ra in his battle against the forces of darkness. His character was Luna.

Pta God was one of the main gods. He called the Bishop of truth, justice deity. About PTA said that he - that the sun and the moon at the same time. He was considered the patron of crafts. Sometimes he was considered a supreme god, creator of all the gods and the world.

Son of Osiris - the god of Khor (or Gore) is also a member of the main Egyptian gods. His was the embodiment

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