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The Influence of Marxism in Australian Universities & Society

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Essay title: The Influence of Marxism in Australian Universities & Society

Karl Marx was one of the most celebrated, yet misconstrued philosophers of our time. His ideology was adopted by many systems throughout history, for models on economic and political structure. At the heart of Marxism exists a central relation between class and power within institutions of society. Universities are institutions which embody much of Marx's ideology on co-operation, wealth, consciousness and political rights. In particular, the purpose of this essay is to examine how Australian universities essentially reflect Marx's ideas on the importance of economic development and structure. The structure of Australian universities will support my argument that we as university students reflect the Marxist ideal that we are all contributors to an economic superstructure and a capitalist reality. Firstly, the main concepts of Marx's ideology will be discussed, especially economic structure and political theory. Secondly, the impact of religion on university life and students within these institutions will be contrasted and compared with Marxist ideals of economics, materialism and idealism. Finally, the core parallels that exist between Marxism and today's Australian universities will explain the roles Marxist theory play in university life and the broader society.

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