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The Internet Systems and Services

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Essay title: The Internet Systems and Services

1. Which Hardware is required to connect to the Internet?

The Hardware that is required to connect to the internet is a Modem.

2. What are 'Plug-Ins' - give 2 examples in your answer?

Plug-In applications are programs that can easily be installed and used as part of your Web browser. Examples of Plug-In applications are sound and motion video these applications run as a separate application and require a second window to be opened.

3. Give an example of software designed specifically for E Mail management and explain 3 of its features.

An example of E-Mail management is Microsoft Outlook Express. This software features Mail Merge, which allows the user to send group E-Mails. A Calendar feature and an Address Book so the user can store E-Mail addresses and Contact Details.

4. List 6 criteria that can be used to assess whether an ISP is providing value for money.

• How often will you be using the Internet?

Some ISPs charge per hour for users who do not use internet often, while others charge per month for users who use the internet more often.

• What times of the day will you be using the Internet?

Some ISPs offer different rates depending on whether you use the service during peak hours and off-peak hours. This only applies to people who pay-as-you-go.

• How much flexibility does the ISP allow?

Some ISPs require that the customer use their e-mail applications and browsers, while others allow more freedom and flexibility to the customer.

• How much are you willing to pay?

If you are using the Internet for long periods of time, you will be paying more money where as if you do not use the Internet as often, you won’t. Some ISPs provide deals where users who do not use the Internet often will pay by the hour, where as people who use the Internet more frequently can pay monthly. This works out better for everyone.

• What kind of Internet connection are you using?

If you are using a phone line for connection, ISPs that you connect to through a phone line require you to dial into a phone number for connection. So if you are not just paying the ISP for the service but also your phone company because you are making a call.

• What connection speeds does the ISP support?

If you want a high-speed Internet connection, you will need to check that your ISP can support it. If you don’t go online often, you probably won’t need a high-speed Internet connection. Keep in mind that it will cost more for a higher-speed Internet connection.

5. Give 3 ways in which ISPs can support their users.

• Virus Protection/Spam Blocker

• Parental Controls

• 24 Hour Helplines.

6. What is a Newsgroup and how is it accessed?

Usenet Newsgroups, started out separately from the Internet. It is accessed by using the Internet, although it is also popular in the BBS world.

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