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The Lee Family Boxing

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Essay title: The Lee Family Boxing



The creator is a descendant of the Lee Family, thus the word, "Lee Gar".

The art is of Chinese origins, thus the word, "Tang".

Chinese are regarded as descendants of the Dragon, thus the word, "Long".

This is an art of Chinese Boxing techniques, thus the word, "Chung Hua Chuan Fah".

Tactics & Strategies:

Defensive and offensive movements are bound together and are executed in the same

movement or a follow-up to one another.

Attack is the best form of defense.

Either stop your opponent at their path towards you or yield and counter attack.

Immobilize the opponent.

Identify unprotected areas.

Minimize the exposure of your central line.

Use the most direct/practical technique to defeat your opponent in the shortest time.

Do not play around with your opponent.

Save your energy.

Become mobile.

Overwhelm your opponent. Minimize their space.

Your space is your stretched arms/legs length towards your opponent.

Do not let them advance into your space.

Use force when striking at the shortest distance to the target area.

Never use your force against the opponent's force at the same time.

Fight smart but not hard. Do not think but feel. Be rhythmic and not stale.

Use stealth techniques to divert your opponent's attention/focus.

Do not use jumping-related techniques if possible.

Foundation and Conditioning Sets:

Learn and practice the basic stances.

Upper and lower body conditioning and strengthening exercises for fitness.

Flexibility exercises.

Learn the principals of the art.

Training for stamina.

Training for speed and reflects.


TANG LOONG CHUAN consists of both defensive and offensive techniques. They are executed at the same time in the same movement or follow-up to one another whichever comes first.

It emphasize on economy of both defensive and offensive movements. Its principal

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