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The Life of Andrew Jackson

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Essay title: The Life of Andrew Jackson

The Life Of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson's parents were Scotch-Irish folk who came to America two years before his birth in 1767. His mother was widowed while pregnant with him. The Revolutionary War that soon followed, was very bloody in the rather wild and poor country where they lived, and Jackson at 13 years, joined a regiment. Captured by the British, he was wounded and nearly killed by a sword for not polishing a British officer's boots. He and his brother, imprisoned together, contracted smallpox. Early Youth (age 15-21) Jackson, living with neighbors and relatives, managed to finish school, then teach for a year or two. At 17 he set out to become a lawyer, acting as clerk for a lawyer in Salisbury, North Carolina, in return for access to his books (the usual "course of study" in those days). Early Years in Tennessee After a couple of years of practicing law in settled North Carolina, he accepted a job as public prosecutor in the <>, There were few lawyers in what was to be the state of , but with land changing hands everyday, and new institutions being founded, there was plenty of legal action, and cheap, rapidly appreciating land to grab for oneself. The

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