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The Progressive Era

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Essay title: The Progressive Era

The Progressive Era

The Progressive Era was a period of reform in American history from the 1890s to the 1920s. It included reforms such as the efficiency movement, trust-busting reforms, women suffrage, and prohibition.

Business owners had discovered that efficiency was the key to maximizing profit. If they could find a way to maximize output from their workers in the shortest amount of time then the companies they owned would be more successful. Progressives thought that competition that used inefficient methods was useless. The progressive business leaders often created harsh working conditions in their factories. They forced common workers to work long hours for little pay. Muckrakers, journalists who depicted the harsh reality of working conditions in America, illustrated in an emotional way the poor treatment of many of American workers. This helped to bring about Teddy Roosevelt's reforms. He knew that American workers were mistreated and sided with laborers in a dispute with a mining company. Also he was proactive in busting trusts. Business leaders at the time would find ways to monopolize industries; therefore, they could increase prices on the products being sold. The trust-busting continued into William Taft's presidency. Also, Woodrow Wilson was against

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