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The Runaway Bunny

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Essay title: The Runaway Bunny

In the story of The Runaway Bunny, the illustration that I chose greatly establishes the setting. First of all, it shows that the time of day could be early morning at dawn, right before the sun rises. The color of the sky is a mixture of gray and orange, typical of the time when the sun is about to rise. The area/land itself is away from any type of community. There are no houses or buildings. Just grass and trees for as far as the eyes can see. Some of the trees must have been here for many years because one of them is dead and has fallen over. The time of year could be between spring and summer because the grass and trees are all green, the trees are filled with leaves, and the water is flowing freely. This area also appears to be hilly, with the stream running down below the hills.

This story begins with the little bunny telling his mother that he’s going to run away. His mother in turn tells him that if he runs away, she will run after him. The little bunny tells his mother that if she runs after him, he will become a fish and will swim away from her. The mother answers and says that she will become a fisherman and fish for the little bunny. The illustration that follows comes relatively at the beginning of the story, right after the introduction. It shows the mother bunny dressed as a fisherman, throwing out her line with a carrot attached to catch the little bunny. The little bunny swims towards the carrot. The plot is extended by this illustration because it shows the mother bunny and the little bunny doing what they said they would do in the text on the previous page. The plot continues to develop as the little bunny says how he will become

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