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The Stranger

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Essay title: The Stranger

1. How is Meursault’s boss when Meursault returns from his mother’s funeral?

2. In France and Algeria, as well as other countries, until quite recently, everyone went home for lunch, or ate in a cafй and went home for a nap. Lunch would last about 2 hours, especially in warm countries, but then people would work until later in the evening and dinner would be fairly late

. A.What happens to Meursault on the Monday he returns to work because of this tradition?

B.What impression of Meursault’s maturity or personality do you get from the incident with Emanuel and the truck?

C. Does Meursault seem like a person who gets weighed down by life in any way? Discuss.

3.The description of Monsieur Salamano and his dog shows the kinds of attention to physical details that interest Meursault. Camus uses these descriptions to give us a picture of Meursault’s mentality. Describe the outstanding features of Salamano and his dog. Is there anything that interests or repulses you?

4. Does Salamano love his dog?

5. Describe Raymond Sintes. What does he look like? What does he do for a living? What are the prominent features of his room? Does Meursault just observe the details or does he make any judgment about them? Explain.

6. What is Raymond’s relationship with his mistress?

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