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The Strategic Marketing Plan

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Essay title: The Strategic Marketing Plan

Ambi-Pur was launched in 2002. The brand comes from the International stable of Sara lee and is the largest brand in the Household and Beauty care division of the company. Ambi Pur is the No.1 brand in Europe.

In India, Ambipur was launched as a air freshener for cars. It was a pleasant surprise for car owners to see a new product ( at that time) with somewhat a funny name. The brand gained popularity despite its premium pricing. Although the quality of fragrance is debatable, the product soon gained popularity among the car owners.

The product comes with a sweet little diffuser and the refill bottle. The diffuser can be plugged to the air vent or the blower. There are three fragrances available for Ambi Pur : Vanilla, Aqua and After Tobacco

Through the brand, Sara lee opened a new mass market for car perfumes. During that time, car perfumes were dominated by imported brands. The price of the diffuser and a bottle is Rs 130 and the refill costs you Rs 99.

The brand is positioned using the baseline " Fragrance Your Imagination". The company believes that perfumes relaxes the drivers and enhance comfort level. Since there is little competition, there is little promotion for this brand.

With the reasonable success of car fresheners, Ambipur extended itself to

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