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The True Blessing of Christmas

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Essay title: The True Blessing of Christmas

The True Blessing of Christmas

When I was told to write this paper about what the true blessing of Christmas means to me, I have to admit I thought I was going to have a hard time writing it. After a few days of thinking about it, it became very clear to me what Christmas truly means. To many people, Christmas means shopping for gifts and taking the kids to see Santa, to others it's a time to be with family and friends.

The true blessing of Christmas is right in the name itself, Christ. Everyone gets so caught up with the gift giving part of it, that the fact that this is the time when our Lord was born, is forgotten. This is a truly blessed time in our lives as we remember how Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem and how no one would help them in their time of need. I sometimes think of the baby Jesus as he lay in his manger, did he know how special he was and what would become of his life? Did he realize how his birth would

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