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The Young Can’t Wait

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Essay title: The Young Can’t Wait

The Young Can’t Wait

Severn Cullis-Suki

Pg. 355

I didn’t even hear the 6 minute speech that Severn Cullis-Suki gave when she was at the age of 12 years old, but in the first paragraph she quotes his speech and it really touched me how she was talking about how adults constantly tell us that we shouldn’t fight with others, and that we should always work things out amongst one another, that we should always respect each other, to always share, not to be greedy, not to hurt anyone…etc. Which are basically all of your values that you learn growing up. But then you look at the world around you now that you are older, and realize, those people you looked up to and learned from, are doing exactly those things they warned you and taught you not to do.

I feel that in this passage that we read, she is basically telling us that we shouldn’t wait for our leaders to make a change. That we as people should start this change within ourselves by not driving the biggest cars possible, not having to buy our drinking water in bottles,

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