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Thomas Jefferson

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Essay title: Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was one of the influential founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence. This document was a major achievement because it created the framework of a new country declaring its independence from England. This new country being the 13 colonies in the New World, headed at the time, by King George The Third.

Jefferson's idea of the Declaration Of Independence was to bring together the best ideals for a new freedom, equality and self-rule heard Jefferson's fervent words directed at King George The Third (White 101). In doing, so Jefferson expressed three main ideas. The first one, Jefferson argued was that all men possess unalienable rights. Jefferson stated that these basic right included life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Jefferson's next argument was that King George The Third violated The colonist rights by passing unfair laws and interfering with colonial government (Thomas Jefferson inspiring writing). Lastly, Jefferson final ideal argued that the colonies had the right to break from Britain These strong declarations were to lead into the Continental Congress they were ratified, and became the Declaration Of Independence. July 4, 1776, the day of ratification, is considered the birth date of the United States.

Another importance document was that Thomas Jefferson wrote in his era was directed to the state in which he was born, Virginia. Jefferson introduced legislation designed to separate the affairs of the state from the affairs of the church. For example, in Virginia the government supported church had too much power in Virginia. Jefferson suggested that if was unfair for people to pay taxes for a church that most of the citizens of Virginia never went to (Nardo 71). In 1779, The Statue Of Religious Freedom was a landmark of legislation. Many of the other legislations were shocked about this idea. It was worth remembering that those time the idea of religious freedom was quite revolutionary, suppression and persecution was the reason the Colonies were founded. The bill passed with great opposition coming from those who saw the bill as an attack on Christianity. This bill cemented the idea of religious freedom in America, and gave individual the right to pursue their own spiritual and religious path. This marks the separation between state and religion. An idea still embraced and fiercely defended by our courts. Although Jefferson believed in god, he thought that the State should not impose a particular religion for individual, furthermore, the church should not be judge no person for the religion he or she chooses to follow.

Thomas Jefferson's creativity accomplished many goals, many

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